2016, March 3 - 6

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Key Note Speakers

Advanced Resource Model of Brainspotting

David Grand
David Grand, PhD.

Dr. David Grand: psychotherapist with private practice in Manhattan, lecturer and writer, is the developer of the internationally acclaimed Brainspotting method. Dr. Grand is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a PhD from International University, and is renowned for his groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the arenas of healing trauma and enhancing performance and creativity.

Brainspotting and the Brain: "An interaction between insights of neuroscience and psychotherapy considering chronic pain“

Dr. Damir Del Monte and Thomas Weber

Damir Lovric
Dr. Damir Del Monte

Dr. Damir Del Monte (before his wedding known as Damir Lovric): Mag., Dr. phil., Brainspotting advanced therapist and supervisor, psychologist and neuroscientist. Studied psychology at the University of Hannover and Cologne, studying medicine-science at Paracelsus Private Medicine University in Salzburg. Trained in traumatherapy  (MPTT and causal psychoterapy Prof. Fischer, EMDR), body therapist, sports therapist.
Research in trauma and traumatherapy at University of Cologne (Prof. Fischer), research in neuroscience and psychiatry (functional connectivity in depression) at Paracelsus Private Medicine Univ Salzburg. Lecturer at University of Innsbruck (institute of clinical psychology) of "functional neuroanatomy". Research in pain and paintherapy at University of Innsbruck.

Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber: Mag., psychologist, psychotherapist, Integrative Gestalt therapy (OAGG), EMDR-certified traumatherapist, international Brainspotting master trainer Austria and master supervisor  (Austria, Switzerland, South Germany and Ukraine), Brainspotting master trainer Austria and master supervisor, member of the international Brainspotting standard committee, couple therapist, trainer for couple therapy (FPI, VIPP), therapist in private office in Vienna.

Therapeutic Presence and Attunement as a Healing Bubble

Mario Salvador
Mario Salvador - Spain

Mario Salvador: Mario C Salvador is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Is a Brainspotting trainer, a trainer and supervisor Integrative-Relational Psychotherapy by IIPA, a Transactional Analysis trainer and supervisor and an EMDR clinician and consultant. He wrote and published several articles in the field of therapeutic relationship, therapeutic presence and the neurobiology of trauma; was a keynote lecturer and presenter in different psychotherapy Conferences. Was a former member of the board of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association and chair of the Commission of Standards and Certification of this association, the Spanish delegate on the European Association of Transactional Analysis and the current vice-president of the Spanish Brainspotting Association.

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