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Video of a Brainspotting session discussed 18 months later
David Grand and Randy Weled

How to direct and identify focal issues to process in Brainspotting when advising parents and caretakers
Daniel Gabarra - BRASIL

Focus and attunement: the power of group Brainspotting
Cristiane Damaso - BRASIL

Brainspotting in Comparative Religious and Spiritual Perspective
Martha Jacobi - USA

Staying in the Tail of the Comet: The Uncertainty Principle from Particle Physics to Neurobiology to Brainspotting Practice
Antinori D ; Martha Jacobi; Christine Ranck - EUA

BSP and Imagery: Use "Picture Gazing" to balance the SNS-PNS and enhance attunment
Kate Cohen-Posey and Ortigao R - USA

Mindfulness – Based Emotional Processing (MBEP)-- an essential tool in the practice of Brainspotting
Robert Weisz - EUA

Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents: Dissolving Trauma and discovering Joy!
Mark Grixti, - UNITED KINGDOM , Martha Jacobi – USA , Monika Baumann – PARAGUAY

Elimination of Trauma Incident Nightmares using Brainspotting
Mary Tendall - USA

Indigenous Brainspotting™ and The Seventh Generation
Ruby Gibson - USA

Integrating Brainspotting with Imago Relationship Therapy. Creating Conscious Connection with Couples
Cherie Lindberg - USA

Grounding: a Key Ingredient to Brainspotting
Cynthia Schwartzberg - USA

Body-Centered Exercises to Support Brainspotting
Jennifer Delaney - USA

Working with Brainspotting and Theraplay (with attachment theory)
Glenda Villamarin - ECUADOR

Heal in the space between the words: exploring the intersection of Brainspotting, neurobiology, and quantum physics
Susan Pinco

Peritraumatic dissociation and Brainspotting as a possibility for intervention
Patrícia Mattos

In sync with Brainspotting: the influence of senses, coherence, and HRV on dual attunement
Steve Sawyer

Brainspotting and personal mythology – the sacred sex
Bernardo Castro

Brainspotting with Osteopathic Cranial Sutural work to integrate the mid-brain with the proprioceptive nervous system
Bruce Davis

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