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The use of Brainspotting in a patient with sleep disorder: a case study
Cacilda Soares da Costa - BRAZIL

Taking care of the psychotherapist: reestablishing energy between sessions and at the end of the day. Searching for our axis Brainspot.
Luciana Caruso - ARGENTINA

Hypnosis as a resource for reprocessing in Brainspotting
Sergio Costenaro – BRAZIL

Brainspotting with a blind patient
Margarida Couto, Cunha M, Galhardo A - PORTUGAL

Benefits of Brainspotting in emergencies and disasters
Daniel Saito- BRAZIL

Multiple sclerosis symptom reduction and remission with the use of Brainspotting
Elza Bourne- BRAZIL

Ego states and multifocal Brainspotting
Andre Mauricio Monteiro – BRASIL

Brainspotting and the Magical Field
Adriana Kortlandt-Grandin

The application of Brainspotting to a male & a female United States freestyle moguls skier’s sports performance
Paige Roberts

Brainspotting reconnecting life to its plenitude
Carla Andrade

Brainspotting and Shamanism
Barbara Lerch

Brainspotting and sustainable weight loss: lifestyle transformation beyond the diet
Drew Brazier

Body interventions and Brainspotting
Bernard Mayer

Brainspotting and sustainable weight loss: lifestyle transformation beyond the diet
Drew Brazier

BSP “Talking to the Stars” model – a simple interactive and fun way to introduce BSP to children
Souza, Salene - AUSTRALIA

"Taming Your Crocodile" – A playful way to reduce relapse, by using BSP along with a metaphor for addiction.
Abeles, Roby - AUSTRALIA

Brainspotting and the God-Spot
Carvalho, Esly - BRAZIL

The use of Brainspotting in a case of urban violence and development of psychotic symptomatology
Jonathan Ribeiro

Brainspotting in child welfare
Julia Hanessian

Brainspot mapping research
Stephen LaMotte

The use of Brainspotting for optimization of nicotine replacement therapy
Ubton Nascimento

Fabiana Souza

How do I get back to my normal life again? The difficult way of a woman and mother after a sexual trauma
Helene Lytwyn

Brainspotting with substance abusing clients
Jeff Ryan

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