2016, March 3 - 6

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Mini course

06/03/2016   02:30 – 06:30 PM
MINI COURSE - Brainspotting in the treatment of ego states and dissociation
Mario C Salvador Fernández

Show a working system to focus on the treatment of people with high level of fragmentation of self, defensive treatment parts and parts that recall the emotional trauma.

The basic procedure will explain a work  with fragmented internal systems ( ego states ), a basic methodology will  be exposed to stimulate domestic link between Watcher ( Essential Self ) and the different ego states involved in the problem . We will present a demonstration video of a therapy session . We will complete the workshop with a process of questions and answers.

Language: Spanish  ( consecutive translation to english)

  Up to  16/11/2015 From 16/11/15
to 21/01/2016
From 22/01/2016
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Mini Course USD 105,00 USD 125,00 USD 150,00

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